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What is Gamification? Let Us Explain

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It could come in handy if your boss catches you playing Candy Crush with your coworkers, Clash Royal, or Parcheesi … You know what to say:

“I am using gamification”.

Get ready, because gamification is going to be the new buzzword.

Gamification refers to techniques already known in education and academia consisting of applying characteristics of games to the work environment, and which are now being used in other areas.

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What is gamification?

Applies gaming characteristics of games to the work environment.

In an educational environment this technique is highly regarded and institutions have been using it for years. But the novelty is that now they have started to use it with emerging technology. If the Clash Royale game was already popular, let’s hope that Math Royale reaches the same success among students! In the educational version of this famous game, students get gems and unlock chests in exchange for solving certain challenges.

Gamification is nothing new, it has been applied for years.

OK, but what is gamification? Playing at work?

There are interesting benefits to be had from gamification. It can generate interest, commitment and involvement, instill a fun work environment and camaraderie are just some of the benefits that play techniques can have on a company. All of this is important because teamwork, translates into better work and, ultimately, greater productivity.

Amongst other advantages, the knowledge acquired is better retained, since it is associated with a specific situations .

Another benefit is the improvement of creativity, since by focusing on the game we free ourselves from rigid structures and allow other types of ideas to flow.

Motivation, and planning, are also strengthened. And is that reading the annual report, for example, is not the same as going through tests and stages on a topic, and with a reward.

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Now that you know the benefits of gamification, the next step is to take action. So now, we are going to propose a couple of simple and fun game dynamics for you to start playing!

Gamification example

1. The egg in peril

An egg is about to fall off a ladder.

We must save it! Can you imagine chaos it would cause if it broke at the office? Egg yolk everywhere, HR sending emails, and the risk of salmonella. Yeah… let’s NOT.

To avoid this, we will divide up into teams. Each group will be equipped with assorted materials like rolls of saran wrap, wax paper, straws. Each group must then prepare a framework for the egg that will allow it to survive a fall down the stairs.

Once the egg has rolled down the stairs, each team must present an advertising campaign to defend their project.

Creativity of the campaign and design of the frame will be taken into account by a panel of judges at the time of choosing the winning team, regardless of whether the egg survived or not.

2. The paper bridge

What is gamification - paper bridge

Only with folders and saran wrap, divided into teams, we have to build a bridge that holds the weight of a thick book.

That group whose bridge does not crumble, wins.

3. Seriousness, please

What is gamification - smile

The team will stand in two rows facing each other. One row should choose heads and the other tails. When you toss the coin, depending on the outcome, the row whose choice has been turned face up should make the front row laugh. Each member who can not take it anymore and laughs, must leave the group.

The team with the most members remaining at the end wins.

4. Nextinit

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Or, put on your genius hat and give free rein to your creativity and your business vision to propose revolutionary ideas. But you will have to convince your colleagues to invest in your idea. Will your idea be successful?

In addition to having fun and playing, improving communication, involvement, etc … you will achieve great ideas.

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