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Use Cases

We believe that the best ideas come from a mixture of unique thoughts, perspectives, experiences and personalities. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to tap into the richest source of inspiration you already have: your people.

From creating industry-first innovations to streamlining internal processes, Nextinit unleashes the power of your organization’s collective intelligence to help you achieve strategic objectives in every area of business.

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Whether it’s revolutionizing your customer experience, developing a high-performing new product feature or inventing an industry-first product all together, innovation starts with good ideas. Nextinit expands your pool of idea sources and provides a simpler way to generate, evaluate and implement those with the highest potential.

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Process Excellence

Nextinit reveals cross-departmental insights that allow you to improve efficiency across your operations. A broader range of perspectives helps you identify new opportunities to streamline processes, solve business problems and address any pain points that might be impeding your productivity.

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Digital Transformation

Nextinit helps you create technology-enabled processes that save time and make it easy for employees to participate in idea generation and evaluation. Complimenting your digital transformation strategy, it provides speed and convenience in areas of innovation, process excellence and employee engagement.

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Employee Engagement

By empowering your people with an easy way to share their ideas, thoughts, experiences and perspectives, you can boost engagement and create an inclusive culture where employees feel valued, motivated and inspired to improve.

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Continuous Improvement

As well as providing you with a simpler way to set challenges and generate ideas, Nextinit helps you define a seamless innovation strategy that allows continuous improvement. From problem solving to new product creation, you can make fresh idea execution part of your every day.

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