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10 Tips for Developing Your Creativity!

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We all have that friend or colleague that comes up with amazing ideas. Whether it’s an idea for a project, a birthday party, or a trip: they always surprise us with suggestions that we all love.
But, how does a person unlock their creativity? Can everybody be creativeor is it a natural talent that only a few have?
It’s true that creative people “woke up like this”, and their personalities have some inherent characteristics:
  • They show an openness to experiences: curiosity to explore things from all angles.
  • They have complex personality types and tend to avoid routine.
  • They seek out new experiences
  • They take risks
  • Everything is an opportunity for improvement

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Can everybody be creative or is it a natural talent that only a few have?

But everybody can develop their creativity. After all, one can train the brain as if it was the six-pack! Would you like to start training your creativity? There is so much hidden potential in you! Write down these tips and make the most of your ideas!

  1. Play and pretend: when you play, your subconscious has time to wander and explore other possibilities, helping you to unlock your creativity.
1. Play: when you play, your subconscious wanders and will explore other possibilities.
2. Become a beginner: every time you start learning something new (even hula hooping!) your brain develops new neuronal connections that will help you while using any other skill or knowledge.
3. Know what you need: take a look around you. What could you improve? What would make your life better? What do you usually say after “if I only could…”? You just need to keep your eyes very open, to be fully conscious of these needs… and to take a step further ;).
4. Take a walk: Or go to the gym, dance, anything active! Physical exercise releases your unconscious, making it easier to unlock your creativity and come up with new ideas.
5. Collaborate with different people: People from different backgrounds can teach you a lot. They will give you different feedback and different points of view that will help you generate more original ideas.
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6. Share your idea: this will help you not only with obtaining feedback but also with verbalizing your thoughts. Putting your ideas into words will help realize how feasible an idea is, and if you can improve it. 7

7Forget about the problem for a couple of days: Forget about it completely, and then, with a more fresh state of mind, come back to it.

8. Think about the topic before going to sleep: maybe a dream will show up during the night, bringing THE idea.

9. This tip is the second part of the previous one: you need to keep a notebook close to the bed, so you make sure that if a great idea appears during the night you won’t forget it!

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