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The eBook Taster: Collective Intelligence 101
Here at Nextinit, we are strong believers in the power of collective intelligence. We understand that a shared mind of many is far more powerful and innovative than one singular mind. We also know that many businesses are now using it to launch themselves forward.
In fact, we are so convinced of the benefits of collective intelligence that we’ve written an eBook all about it! In our eBook, we teach you everything you need to know about what collective intelligence is. We explain how it’s being used, as well as the best ways to implement it within your business.
Read on for a taster for what you can expect from our comprehensive eBook titled ‘Collective Intelligence 101: Using Collective Intelligence Technologies to Boost Innovation and Inspire Your People.

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What Is Collective Intelligence?

Let’s first start by explaining what exactly collective intelligence is. We’ve told you about it before, so we’ll just give a quick run-down here. Simply put, collective intelligence is where people put forward their own ideas and collaborate together on them. The goal is to them into one shared idea. 
“The smartest person in the room is the room itself” is a quote from David Weinberger’s ‘Too Big to Know’. It summarizes the concept of collective intelligence very well. People are a fantastic source of inspiration and ideas. The best thing about collective intelligence is that it lets us tap into this knowledge on a large scale. It is one of the most effective ways to unlock innovation. 
Collective intelligence allows businesses to tap into a shared knowledge database. This database cannot be replicated by a single person or machine. When your people can generate ideas and see them implemented, it increases the scope for innovation and growth within the company

How Is It Used?

There are many ways to use collective intelligence within a company – the sky is the limit. It can help us source ideas for internal processes or innovation. It can help businesses select the right ideas carefully. We can use it to help find solutions to long term problems, and so much more. As we’ve discussed before, many businesses have implemented collective intelligence. Many companies use collective intelligence to inspire their projects and change the face of their industry. There are also a lot of successful examples who have used it in recent years. Our eBook goes into further detail on this, so make sure to read it to find out how collective intelligence is currently being used successfully.

47% of businesses don’t think their internal culture supports their innovation strategy

The Impact of Collective Intelligence in the Workplace

Collective intelligence in the workplace has many benefits which can have a huge impact. It is valuable for the idea generation process, which can greatly assist a business. It can help businesses think of new products and services. It can also help to improve customer experiences, address pain points, and so much more. 
Did you know that 47% of businesses don’t think their internal culture supports their innovation strategy? Implementing collective intelligence as part of a culture of innovation can help organizations to generate more ideas and boost innovation

Collective intelligence has a lot to offer for businesses all around the world. Whether it’s used to improve internal processes, solve problems, inspire innovation, or more, the possibilities are endless. To learn more about collective intelligence and how you can start using it in your organization, sign up for our newsletter here.