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These Are the Best Tools to Help You Work from Home

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March, 8th

The incorporation to work life of new generations and new trends such as flexibility and the increasing adoption of new technologies to companies of all size and characteristics are leading into a whole new era. This new era seeks for a new paradigm, new styles, new habits, and to summarize, new ways of working.

One of the new habits in this era is the remote working, or working from home. In fact, many advisers recognize on the remote working the definitive change for 2020.

We bring you therefore 10 tools that will help you working from home in the most efficient way. Write them down and change before you have to!

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Find out the 10 tools to work from home in the most efficient way.

1. Dropbox: we already knew this tool from our private life; sharing pictures became something very easy, and very safe! This characteristic is very appreciated too in the work life; if our computers or equipments break, all the info remains safe in the cloud, whatever happens. It’s an easy way too to share documents with partners and customers out of your company. You can choose between the free limited version or the version pro (from 10 euros/month).

2. Slack: this tool is still relatively unknown. Instant messages, sharing documents, creating groups, also private groups… all this is possible thanks to Slack, both from PC and from mobile. There is a limited free version as well.

3. Virtual secretaries: Put them in copy! Meetings will be automatically scheduled. The assistant will propose different times to the attendants and, according to the replies, will set up the meeting, or postpone it, update calendars… Amy or Andrew, Shae, or Julie Desk are just some of them. Forget about finding a suitable date for everybody and let the virtual assistant do it.

Change before you have to!

4. TeamViewer: get access to a remote pc, even if this computer is switched off. With the function remote printing one can even print documents from anywhere. This tool has as many uses as you want to give it: technic attendance, or even remote sonograms! Connect until 25 people to the same computer. For more users you need to upgrade your version.

5. Zed! A connected suitcase: Like a Zip file, Zed allows you to download files… encrypted files. Only with a password you can download the file that has been shared with you. The problem is that you don’t have the “Forgot password?” option. If you lose the password… it’s forever. But, hey! Can you imagine something safer?

6. Expensify: Going out for a meeting lunch, taking a taxi, paying fuel… in the everyday life one has many fees derived from work activity. Sometimes, we send the invoices and tickets to finances department, but many other times we lose the tickets, or just simply forget about them. Expensify is here to help you with that. Just take a picture of the invoice and upload it to the app: it will do its work. Expensify will determine the the kind of invoice. The worker can receive the money from the next day.

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7. Skype: what a classic tool! It’s the referent regarding video conferences. As main assets, its use is pretty intuitive, it includes an instant message service, and allows group calls or calls to land lines. The upgraded version allows video conferences up to 250 participants.

8. Trello: Its To do, Doing, or Done cards will help you to allocate tasks and deadlines to your team, in a very visual way. Each user receives notifications, both of the assigned cards and their movements, and cards can have people in charge. Do you want more? You can personalize your dashboard.

9. Sesame: With a geolocation system, the worker can access from his/her own mobile wherever he/she is, and enter the worked time. The head of HR just have to access the control panel where they can see all the days of employees through an innovative system of metrics that is updated instantly.

10. Nextinit: Do you want to improve your work, your products, your working life? Set up a challenge. Did you suddenly have a brilliant idea to improve any aspect of your company? Post it. Take your ideas management system everywhere, and improve, create and innovate at any time! In addition, sharing your ideas, suggestions and challenges will help you to get feedback, a basic element to improve your creativity, and getting more and more ideas. Are you curious? Great! Because now you can try it for free during 3 months ;).