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Are You Using Social Networks at the Office? Maybe You Should!

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March, 13

Dropbox, Teamviewer, Expensify… We told you in the previous post about some tools that will make working from home easier. Some might help you to better handle your finances, others are good for controlling the time you spend on each task. We even brought you a tool to innovate from anywhere, at anytime.

Well, this time we are going to tell you about the tools that will improve your communication at work thanks to a specific type of tool. This is a collaborative work and corporate social network (CSN), or enterprise social network.

The aim of these tools is to improve communication among workgroups and employees; even with those colleagues working at the clients facilities, working remotely, or in different countries and continents.

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We told you in the previous post about some tools that will make your remote work life easier.

Corporate social networks have been proven to enhance the community feeling, share knowledge, solve problems, and to forge connections between departments. This especially applies within larger corporations.

The aim of these tools is to improve communication among workgroups and employees.

So, this time we want to share some enterprise social networks with you that might fit in very well with your team.

  • Slack: this an old well-known tool, based on a cloud-based system. Main characteristics are channels organized by topics, searchable content (including files), integration with services as Google, Drive, Trello, Dropbox… plus traditional messaging characteristics with emojis, private/groups conversations, etc.


  • Workplace by Facebook: this is a collaborative platform run by Facebook. It is mainly used to communicate with colleagues and via groups. Following latest Facebook trends, Workplace does not display posts chronologically, but it uses an algorithm to keep the most important ones at the top.


  • Azendoo:it’s integrated with Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Mailchimp… Thanks to its dashboards you can track what’s happening across your teams and projects. Team collaboration, daily organization, organization and collaboration by tasks, calendars… all that is possible thanks to Azendoo.


  • Yammer: available for desktop and mobile use, “join and create groups relevant to your work and interests. Get answers to questions even when you’re not sure whom to ask.” as they introduce themselves.


  • HappyForce: Similar to WhatsApp or Facebook, this app bases its functioning in short anonymous messages, with the like or dislike option. Its main purpose is to be a happiness thermometer. Motivation and engagement is a key factor for companies; an engaged team is a productive team.


  • Nextinit: thanks to a platform combining crowdsourcing, gamification, and collective intelligence, your people can make the most of their creativity and business sense. Share and invest on ideas, give feedback, and grow as a team, all by improving your company communication and work climate.