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Taking a Look at Nextinit’s Newest Features

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The time has come to tell you all about our latest release for Nextinit. We have spent all summer (yes, that summer that has already gone!) working very hard on these awesome new features to make Nextinit an even better platform than already it was.

Read on to find out what our new features are and how they can help make your ideation process much better.

New integrations:

Slack: sign in with your slack account from any devices.

Box: share with your team or investors all your documents with the new file manager fully integrated with box.

New features for administrators:

User Editor: create and edit the profile of your users from the admin.

Week Activity: see in one view how was the activity of your account in the last week.


Return investment: if an idea is discarded, you now will have the option to return the investments to all the investors.

Alerts: warn innovation members via mail about ideas that need approval.

New features for the innovation team:

Filter ideas: in the dashboard, now you can filter ideas by the strategic priorities.

Other features:

Challenges visits: know how many people have visited your challenge since its launch.

Try out our new features yourself by starting a free trial today!