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New Ways of Working: Standing at the Office

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March, 22

New era, new ways of working! As Heraclitus used to say, “change is the only constant in life”. And we solemnly believe it. However, change must be done in a consistent way; knowing always where (and why!) we are going. 

In Nextinit we are experts on bringing together the best ideas and the common agreement of the whole company with one result: innovation.

Thus, we tell you the most cutting-edge ways of working around the world, as well as some inspiration that will help you make the most of your work-life and your company productivity.

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In Nextinit we are experts on bringing together the best ideas.

Some of these ways are bringing the pets to the office (we swear!), tools to work remotely, or some corporate social networks to boost your communication and engagement.

But there are still so many new new trends to try!

Innovate and change the culture of your organization!

Standing at the office is one of them. Would you try it? It may seem uncomfy, but we promise, it has many benefits!

In fact, many in Silicon Valley say that “sitting is the new smoking”. The fact is that most of us spend between 10/12 hours per day sitting. This may sound just as not healthy and a bit boring, but the truth is that after 8 hours sitting, the risk of premature death increases by 15% compared to that of a non-sedentary person, and by 40% beyond 11 hours sitting.

Shocking, isn’t it?

People standing and working in the office

Sitting is the new smoking

That is the reason why the trend of standing at the office is making a buzz in the USA (among other countries).

But they are not the first ones; Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, or Napoleon were some of the celebrities that got used to work standing.

Therefore, we bring you 5 reasons to use a stand-up desk: 

1.A longer life: Sitting more than 6h/day increases until a 20% your death chances. In fact, you burn more calories by chewing a gum than you do just sitting on your chair. You can imagine the rest, can’t you?

2. Stop gaining weight: You burn more calories standing than sitting, and your heart as more activity.

3. Improving your back’s health: Standing up engages your backs muscles; this reinforcement avoids back pains.

4. More concentration: Standing make you feel more active; you have a more active blood circulation, which means more blood for your brain ;).

5. A better rest: you’ll feel physically more tired at the end of the day, so you will probably have a better rest at nights.

Would you try this new way of working? Which other different ways of working would help you improving your job? We are sure you are full of ideas. Lucky you! You can now post them on Nextinit. You can even try it for free!.