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Are You Sure Your Company Is Really Inclusive?

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May, 31

Only with diversity, communication, feedbacks, and different backgrounds, we can make the most of our creativity and get amazing ideas that will help us innovate.

Unfortunately, inclusion is not always achieved, and we miss consequently loads of talent, creativity, and ideas.

On the other hand, many talented people may leave our company. So much money, time, and energy invested on recruiting the right people will be lost. Working in inclusive environments is consequently a matter of crucial importance but, how to achieve?

Are You Sure Your Company Is Really Inclusive?

How would you promote inclusion within your company?

Check out these tips to achieve inclusion!

Check out these tips to achieve inclusion! 

1. All-gender friendly bathrooms: it may seem irrelevant, but by not making distinctions you guarantee that everybody will have spaces to interact with the rest of the people, and nobody will be forced to choose among “women” or “men”. Partitions from floor to ceiling can help on the task.

2. Changing & breastfeeding room: With a fridge for storing milk, it will have the possibility to be booked, with a proper ventilation and lightning. Not only many colleagues will appreciate it, but also visits and customers.

3. Language!: In public and official documents of the company, neutral pronouns and nouns will help everybody to feel included.

4. Events with non-alcoholic options: Not everybody love beer (or any other alcoholic drink), so remember to include non-alcoholic drinks at the company events.

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5. Diverse managers: Having diversity (of every kind) at management levels will help you attract more diverse profiles to your company, and to get everybody used to differences.

6. Just as toilet paper… provide tampons: Having tampons and pads at the bathroom will make life easier :).

7. Take into consideration religious holidays: Just as many of us would be very disappointed if we are forced to work during Christmas or Thanksgiving, take into consideration Ramadan festivities, among other important religious periods.

8. Ask: do your colleagues have everything they need to spend 8h everyday at the office? Do they feel respected and valued enough to give the best of themselves?

Now its your turn!! How would you promote inclusion within your company? How would you turn your company into the most open and diverse company in the world?  Share all your ideas in Nextinit. And now, you can try it for free :).