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How to Innovate and Change the Culture of your Organization


December, 11


Big multinational companies are like families. One can have a brother in Italy, a cousin in Germany, and your father in Argentina.


Communicating with your family is difficult per se, but at least we have tools that helps us with this. Raise your hand who is not in a family WhatsApp group, whether it is with your parents only, a cousins WhatsApp group, or the whole García clan.

And at the end, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the family is abroad, they work at night, or have children (many children); you always find the way to stay connected.

You need to communicate, collaborate and get coordinated with your team.

With your company, your colleagues, and your team, it happens the same. Sometimes half of your team is abroad, sometimes they’re just in a different office, or they work on another project. But you still need to communicate, collaborate and get coordinated with them.

Innovate and change the culture of your organization!


Communicating innovation within your company

Ok, WhatsApp has the flamenco dancer emoji, and the love-spreading kitties. It can be chaotic at times though, and in large groups it is pretty easy to miss important messages.

That’s why we would not rely on WhatsApp when it’s about getting coordinated with your colleagues at work, especially if the task to accomplish is as important as innovate and change the culture of your organization!

Cartier is one of those large families with many members abroad; their boutiques are in London, Madrid, Paris, New York… well, all over the world. Of course they communicate by email, but for innovating their products, developing their next major event, or organize the daily office functioning they have a (not so) secret tool: Nextinit.

Indeed, Cartier Iberia started using Nextinit for innovating and communicating this process with all its boutiques in Spain and Portugal. Colleagues working at boutiques sometimes felt a bit displaced from what was going on at the central office, and they also have good ideas to share and bring into the Cartier community. At the end, it was kind of a waste of talent.




In Nextinit, users can find a space to meet communication, engagement, cultural change and innovation that everybody is willing to use.

In order to fix this, the jewellry brand decided to open a Nextinit account for everybody in the Iberia region, regardless of the department, or any other variable.

In this platform, they found a space to meet communication, engagement, cultural change and innovation that everybody is willing to use: thanks to its system based on gamification, collective intelligence, and crowdsourcing, colleagues and different boutiques had all the same relevance when voting, proposing, discussing, or giving feedback to the submitted ideas.

All this ideas exchange is done in a friendly, enjoyable and intuitive environment that can be ran by our community managers team, that measure as well every KPI, controlling on real time the fixed parameters, and helping the company to improve them.

After some months using it, Cartier have now some brilliant ideas provided from the whole Cartier Iberia: new ways of creating products, new campaigns, new ways of communicating… and a stronger and healthier relationship among all the members.

Do you want to promote innovation within your company and spot the best talent, just as Cartier? We have a hint for you then… Nextinit.