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The I Fintech Open Challenge by Banco Santander and The Valley, celebrated on the 28th of November in Madrid, chose 1 startup among 6 that made it to the final. The jury, formed by 5 members from Banco Santander, and 5 members from The Valley, decided to deliver the prize (10.000 euros) to BNext, lead by Guillermo Vicandi, CEO, and Alfonso Sainz de Baranda, CGO. The voting system was divided in 2 parts: in the first one, the 6 startups gave a 7 minutes pitch introducing their projects. Afterwards, the 10 jury members voted on Nextinit, investing up to 10.000 Nextcoins, on their favourite startup.
Once the jury spent all their money, the 2nd part started. The 3 most voted startups were La Bolsa Social, BNext and Fintep, and at the 2nd round they had to answer the jury’s questions, and defend their projects. After this round, the 5 Banco Santander members and the 5 The Valley members invested again in Nextinit on their favourite startup. One of them received most investments than the rest… We finally had our winner: BNext!

BNext offers a solution to customers that allow them to “build up” their own bank, with a whole system of financial products. For instance, the customer can pay with his/her credit cards, get loans, or deposit money. The jury highlighted the usefulness of this solution.

Spotting the talent with Nextinit

Manuel Antonio Fernández Blanco, Director of First Control Line at Banco Santander, is one of the jury members, and recognizes that “detecting the talent is essential in first place in order to keep it”. Different profiles do contribute your company, and “the base of your business plan is your people”, Fernández admits. This talent is easy to spot with Nextinit, a platform that Fernandez found very easy to use, very intuitive and very enjoyable. Ana Delgado, CMO at The Valley, agrees on this point, and for her “the experience with Nextinit was very dynamic and intuitive”
Ana Delgado, CMO at The Valley, agree with Fernández Blanco when talking about innovation and finances. “Innovation at processes is vital for a company in order to survive”. Do you want to promote innovation within your company and spot the best talent, just as The Valley and Banco Santander did at the I Fintech Open Challenge? We have a hint for you then… Nextinit.
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