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Taking Steps Towards Empowering Millennials at Work

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Millennials have a different outlook on what they expect from their employment experience. Millennials are well-educated, skilled in technology, very self-confident, and able to multi-task. They have high expectations for themselves and prefer to work in teams.

But we don’t want to concentrate on who they are or how they act. We are here to face another issue:

How do we keep them engaged at work?

At the end of the day, millennials are just people. They have their own interests, passions, and thoughts.  Their difference from preceding generations means that the way of working with and managing their aspirations is going to be different, but not necessarily worse. If we know them, we will know how to engage with them.

Summarizing what Lindsey Pollak said in her whitepaper, “Three Things Every Employee Needs to Know About Millennials”, the main thing to take into account about a millennial is that they see themselves as individuals, with their own experiences and ideas, they need to find recognition and mentorship – essential to improvement – and they see technology as an extension of themselves.

So leveraging these three points, we can develop an engagement strategy:

  • Make them realize that their contribution is really important to the company. Employees are more than a number – their ideas can change everything. Find a way to make it easier for them to share their knowledge and assure them that they are going to be listened to.
  • Establish a recognition program. People not only want to be heard, they also want to have feedback on their work and to be recognized for the quality of their work. Make sure that there is a way to recognize their efforts and share it openly with them.
  • Use technology! It’s a fact that millennials can’t live without their smartphones, so turn their reality into an opportunity!

How Can Nextinit Help?

Mobile Apps like Nextinit can help your company to engage with your employees whenever and wherever they are to help you turn your business challenges into business opportunities. The Nextinit platform allows employees to contribute their own ideas to solve your company’s challenges. This kind of empowerment provides tangible demonstration that their contributions really matter. In addition, as the platform is based on crowdsourcing principles, it creates a sense of community and collaboration within the organization.

Nextinit and platforms like it provide a tremendous opportunity to engage with millennials (and all of your employees really), by encouraging them and showing them that their ideas really matter. 

Let them help you drive organizational change!

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