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The Nextinit app has helped our clients generate and implement ideas in all areas of business – from new products and features to operational improvements.

Inés de Collahuasi

Chilean mining company Inés de Collahuasi have been using Nextinit for the past three years, enabling around 2000 employees to submit, evaluate and support new ideas.

The latest innovation was the decision to switch to a 100% synthetic oil called Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W40 in the company’s manufacturing processes. This idea was submitted through the app, backed by employees, tested and then fully implemented across the business.

Inés de Collahuasi are the first mining company to use this synthetic oil in Caterpillar machinery and the switch has already brought significant benefits to the company. This includes an estimated $0.5m dollars of annual savings in operations costs and a 100% increase in oil intervals from 250 to 500 hours.

The success of this idea has also driven closer collaboration between Inés de Collahuasi and their partners Shell and Finning, as they continue to look for new ways to innovate in their industry.


Spanish pharmaceutical manufacturer Grifols were looking for ways to improve daily operations and solve employee pain points across the organization.

Make it easy, fun and rewarding for all your people to generate ideas that get the go ahead

John Smith

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Using Nextinit to pose challenges, they soon realised that the existing web browser used on company computers was outdated, preventing and slowing down daily tasks.

Grifols upgraded the web browser and signed a support agreement with the new provider. Employees can now use a full range of web based applications that were incompatible with the previous browser. This has enabled faster, more convenient and more productive ways to complete daily tasks.

The person who used Nextinit to make the suggestion of upgrading the browser noted that it was a well-known and shared pain point in the organization that was simply going under the radar. The app solved this problem by highlighting its scale of its impact and the potential business-wide benefits for implementation.

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