Improving engagement through Corporate Social Responsibility actions


Improving engagement through Corporate Social Responsibility actions

June, 14

We are not hermetic beings (or at least not most of us!). From 9 – 5 workers, and after 5 pm and during the weekend friends, relatives, and citizens.

Things going on at our company, the company vision, its philosophy and way of working… has a clear and definitive impact in the rest of the society.

In fact, the relevance of a company’s values and activity is so important that it can mark the difference between a new customer or a new coworker, or a detractor, and we can think about many examples. In fact, researchers have shown that, as a consumers, we are willing to spend more on those brands more in line with our beliefs and principles, and we want our company to be open and publicly positioned regarding certain topics.

As a potential customers it has an influence on us, but as employees too. As we said, daily functioning on our company does affect to us. Aspects so noteworthy as waste management, resources management, people management, etc. can make the difference on how we live and experiment a company… and what is more important, our engagement with it.

If we disagree with our company’s politics and how they handle certain topics, our engagement towards it may descend, and even turn into disagreement, discomfort, or animosity.

If we disagree with our company’s politics and how they handle certain topics, our engagement may descend

We can transform our company’s actions and philosophy into engagement!

According to a research carried out by Accenture, until 89% reported increased job satisfaction and 87% reported greater pride in the company, and a huge 64% would turn a job down if they felt an employer didn’t have a strong enough CSR policy. Would you like to know how to enhance engagement thanks to CSR actions?

1. Volunteering: volunteering is one of the possible actions in the Corporate Social Responsibility field. Learning, personal development, confidence building, or communication skills improvement are just some of the highlighted effects of volunteering. However, we must not forget that the main benefit is helping others, thanking to the society for the trust on the company, and what it is nowadays. A charity related to your company sector, a local charity… There are many options. Maybe a good option to decide in what to volunteer is to launch the idea on Nextinit.

2. Donations: What if the company donates some money to a cause? It doesn’t mean to spend extra money, but it could be the money set aside for Friday’s pastries, or any other corporate tradition we could abstain from. At least for a couple of days, no? A bit for us can mean the world to others.

3. Employees wellbeing: The rest of employees and colleagues are the heart and the strength of your company. What if you take care of them as a way of saying “thank you”? Some ways of do this is to provide health insurances, flexibility to coordinate with the private life and family, growth possibilities, etc.

4. Sustainability: By using materials whose origin and traceability you can certify and verify, you position your company on the side of what is fair, legal, and responsible. The whole company will feel proud about this.

Maybe by now you already have a lot of ideas to develop your company CSR strategy. Or you prefer to listen to the proposals of your colleagues, and see if they are particularly concerned about a certain topic. In any case, you can set up a challenge on Nextinit, or you can propose how to reduce the paper waste at the office, to help the local school teaching the kids how to code (for instance :)) or the amazing NGO you have discovered recycling computers. So many good things could be already on your minds! Find them out for free with Nextinit ;).