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Coffee Breaks From Around the World

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There are no secrets for creativity, no expensive (or cheap!) pills, no magic tricks that will help you get THE idea. Everyone has their own small rituals that help him/her (and we already told you about): a cup of tea, a walk in the countryside, playing with pets (yes! also in the office!), calling a friend…

Sometimes, in the office, when we feel that the mojo is not flowing anymore and we keep on writing with silly typos and we don’t know how to continue that document, or we are just snoozing… We know that the moment has come: the coffee break that will nourish our brain with caffeine (or sugar ;)) and will help us getting inspiration again.

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We bring you some of the most appreciated trends in coffee breaks around the world

Every company has their own special coffee rituals. Some have a small canteen, some have several coffee machines, others have a small kitchen with microwaves so people can bring their thermos.

These differences between countries are even more notorious. We bring you some of the most appreciated trends in coffee breaks around the world. Those ideas’ generators becoming also new ways of working, different ways of doing things inside companies.

Which is the new coffee break trend you are going to propose on Nextinit?

Fika in Sweden

  • We could summarize it as a coffee break but, in fact, is much more. In Sweden, where this tradition is much appreciated, there are 2 fika-times per day: at 10h, and at 15h approximately. Here, everybody unites in a warm, cozy place, with coffee and sometimes, cinnamon rolls or other pastries. People (employees and managers) chat about everything… except work. During this time, you converse with colleagues, reduce your stresses, improve team-building, and let your subconscious work, which in turn helps you being more creative. It has proved to be so beneficial that many companies out of Sweden are adopting the fika time. Bonus: “cake” in Swedish is “Kaka”.
Cake for your coffee break!

During Fika-time, you converse with colleagues, reduce your pressure and stress, improve team-building, and let your subconscious work

Gaming in Silicon Valley

  • Gaming rooms with cool video games, original spaces with sofas, colours, blackboards, table football, table ping-pong, arcade machines… even toboggans, billiards and ball pools have been seen in the coolest offices of Silicon Valley. This is done in an attempt to start an originality “competition” with the company next door. What would you propose on Nextinit to have within your company? Remember, you need to justify your proposition. We aren’t joking! Adult ball pits at the offices have proved to reduce stress among other benefits!

 Animal lovers in Japan

  • We already told you a bit about this New Way of Working trend here. Could you imagine dealing with that spreadsheet while your cat is on your knees, purring? It would make it easier to handle, wouldn’t it? Allowing employees to bring their pets to the office is an amazing way to reduce anxiety and stress at work.
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Big sport fans in Denmark

  • In Denmark, wellbeing at work is a serious topic. Thus, companies put in place all kinds of initiatives: flexibility and autonomy, reasonable work time… and sports. More companies are introducing a 10 minutes per day gymnastic routine in the office.  Those willing to take part in this activity take part in a collective course. The aim of this routine is both to improve employees health and to enhance cohesion between teams and colleagues.

These are just a couple of ideas that might help you boost your creativity and improve communication at the office, but for sure you could find tons of them. Start right now and post your big idea on Nextinit. Very soon, you could be doing a bit of yoga between meeting and meeting. Try Nextinit for free!.