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Learn How to Improve Your Concentration at Work



February, 28

Below we reveal the best tricks to know how to improve concentration at work:


A fly, a pigeon, a plastic bag flying … Some days, any element is good to stay looking out the window. Through the office window, to be more precise.

But it turns out that this report, oh, cruel destiny, is not going to be done alone. So you will have to get down to work and leave your daydreams for another time. Life is hard.

Do not despair! In the Nextinit team we have done a brainstorming to bring you the best ideas for these situations.

Because meeting deadlines or avoid the anxiety caused by having a pending task are sufficient reasons to get down to work. Now!

Working to Improve Concentration at Work

You need to communicate, collaborate and get coordinated with your team.

How to improve concentration at work?

  1. The 2 minute rule
    If you have pending tasks that can be solved in the next 2 minutes, do them now. Who says 2 minutes, says 5. But it should be quick activities in any case.


  1. Block your most dangerous pages
    Those that you compulsively visit every two minutes. It can be Facebook or the Zara portal. There are blockers of webs with hours that do not let you visit the page according to the time slot that you have established. The plug in Block Site is one of them.


  1. Have everything you need to hand
    Coffee? Ready. Notebook and pen? Ready. Diary? Ready. This way you will avoid getting up constantly, running the risk of distracting yourself along the way.


  1. Let’s go by parts
    If you have several tasks pending, do them one at a time. Thus, you will get rid of the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start. Do prioritize, either because it is the fastest task, or because it is the most urgent. But in any case, you do not want to perform several tasks at once; You will have half the concentration for each task.

Writing a list of the things you have pending in order of priority will help you. Going step by step and in a structured way is one of the best ways to know how to improve concentration.


  1. Plan according to your rhythms
    Are you more active in the morning? More lucid in the afternoon? More creative at night? Plan your day then according to the type of task, and according to your phases.


  1. The environment long ago
    You probably have noticed that you do not concentrate the same at home as in the library, right?


  1. How to improve concentration? Reward yourself

Every time you get to finish something, give yourself a little whim. See a chapter of your favorite series, a little chocolate, or a relaxing shower will serve as a stimulus to finish what you have pending.


  1. Music is very important!
    An instrumental music will help you concentrate better. We are very fans of Erick Satie, and of piano and guitar lists.


  1. Share your advances
    We know that we always insist, very much, on communicating. In each post we advise you to communicate with your environment, whether to obtain feedback, to inspire you, to relax … But communication is a basic in the human being, along with eating and napping. In this case, it will help you achieve extra motivation with each advance you make: your environment will support you and encourage you to continue working.


  1. Ignore the fear of the blank page
    Many times, the important thing is to start asking yourself: how to improve concentration? It does not matter that we do not know very well how to begin that report, the important thing is to tackle it, to advance, and we will change it on the fly once we see how it progresses and we are more into the subject.

    What tips would you add? What works for you to put your batteries on the typical day you do not focus on? Flies can now do all the pirouettes they want, that your concentration and performance will not succumb to their charms.Launch your challenge on Nextinit and try new tips! Now, you can try it for free 😉