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Unleash the Power of Collective Intelligence

Nextinit is an easy-to-use platform that combines crowdsourcing and gamification to tap into the collective intelligence of your organization and generate inventive ideas. By empowering your people with a means to share, discuss and grow their ideas, you can create a culture of continuous innovation that drives business-wide improvement.

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How Nextinit can help you

Endless idea generation img

Endless idea generation

Discover a powerful way to generate unlimited ideas with business-wide impacts.
Innovate with efficiency img

Innovate with efficiency

Streamline your innovation process with a new strategy that makes great ideas a part of your everyday.
Gain the edge img

Gain the edge

Stay ahead of the competition with sharp ideas that help you continuously improve on every front.

Give your team a voice img

Give your team a voice

Elevate engagement by empowering your people with an easy way to share their ideas.

Build a creative environment img

Build a creative environment

Make it easy, fun and rewarding for all your people to generate ideas that get the go ahead.
Improve processes

Improve processes

Leverage the first-hand knowledge of your existing people to improve working experiences with better processes.

Genius in numbers img

Genius in numbers

Unleash the power of collective intelligence and drive continuous innovation with the mind of your organization.

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